The superb view of Hotokegaura

The superb view of Hotokegaura

The superb view of Hotokegaura

The superb view of Hotokegaura

Along the western coastline of the Shimokita peninsula, itself the northernmost point of Honshu, can be found the scenic wonder of Hotokegaura where huge rock formations seem to watch silently along the edge of the sea. The beautiful white rock surfaces gleam in the summer sunlight, surrounded by azure waters, deep forests clinging to the cliffs and beautiful blue skies above. It is a mysterious land which seems unimaginable in Japan. With few signs of civilization in sight, the beauty of nature appears suddenly to the traveler. It is a wonder everyone should see at least once.

Even if you do not land at Hotokegaura, you can enjoy the view from the Polar Star.
There is no need to worry about transferring or navigating the rocky and sandy beaches.
When nearing Hotokegaura, the speed of the boat is slightly reduced, so you can leisurely watch the views.

Hotokegaura seen from the boat window

◎Polar Star: Depart from Sai Port at 12:30 pm → Arrive at Aomori Port at 3:00 pm

If you land at Hotokegaura, you can experience the huge rock formations up close.
From the moment you get off the boat, you will get a mysterious feeling that you have lost your way into the natural world.
With sunlight reflecting off the white rocks amongst the vibrant green, the power of nature can be deeply felt here.

Hotokegaura landing, wakinosawa port transfer course

※Courses are subject to change. Please check by email in advance.
※Walking time at Hotokegaura: about 30 minutes, Wakinosawa lunch time: about 75 minutes
※Reservations for “Yume no Heisei-go” can be made at the Sii Line Ticket Window.

Hotokegaura landing, ushitaki port transfer course

※Walking time at Hotokegaura: about 65 minutes
※Please bring lunch.
※Reservations for “Yume no Kaichu-go” can be made at the Sii Line Ticket Window.

Wakinosawa Port, Hotokegaura Pleasure Boat Information

A regular sightseeing boat “Yume no Heisei-go” runs to Hotokegaura from Wakinosawa Port.

In Wakinosawa, there is a free bicycle rental. Take a leisurely tour by bicycle and enjoy ice cream at “Michi no Eki Wakinosawa”, try their signature ramen served with seasoned wild vegetables with yakiboshi broth at “Yamaboshi”, or relax in a hot bath at the Wakinosawa Onsen “Community Sento”. Won’t you give it a try?

Ushitaki Port, Hotokegaura Pleasure Boat Information

From Ushitaki to Hotokegaura Between the Ushitaki Port and Hotokegaura, “Yumeno Kaichu-go” sightseeing boat is available. (※Reservation required)

Sai Port, Hotokegaura Pleasure Boat Information

From Sai to Hotokegaura There are sightseeing boats by 2 different companies runnnig between the Sai Port and Hotokegaura. There is a souvenior gift shop, restaurants and a local museum at the Tsugaru Strait Cultural Center “ARUSASU”.

Sii-line Co., Ltd.
Postal code 038-0012, 1-4-1, Yanagawa, Aomori City

Sii-line operates a regular line between Aomori City, Wakinosawa and Sai Village.
When you come to Shimokita Peninsula, please use the high-speed boat Polar Star.